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    Kitchen Remodeling Murrieta CA

    We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovations in Murrieta, CA. When someone wants high-quality remodeling services, they often rely on our reputable and reliable Murrieta remodeling contractors. Through the years, we have performed hundreds of remodeling jobs throughout the area and received many accolades. It is because of the many satisfied customers that we have, that so many are happy with the services that we offer to them that they go on to recommend our services to others. The level of craftsmanship that our contractors perform their work is also something that hasn't gone unnoticed by those who hire us for their remodeling needs.

    You can have the kitchen that you have always wanted with the help of our experienced team of professional remodeling contractors in Murrieta. You don’t have to abandon your hopes of having a larger more appealing kitchen because of your finances because we’ll work with your budget to get you what you want. We are confident in our ability to deliver the help that you want.

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    Bathroom Remodeling

    We have assembled a team of the best and most qualified team of experienced remodeling contractors to assist our customers with their bathroom and remodeling needs. There is nothing that is beyond their scope of expertise, which is why our services are preferred.

    Bathroom renovations include:

    • Lighting
    • Shower/Tubs
    • Tile work
    • Countertops/Vanity
    • Space Planning
    • Walls
    • Fixtures
    • Flooring

    Whether you want to make some major changes to your kitchen and require a full bathroom renovation or you want some cosmetic work done, with some minor remodeling work, we can accommodate your requests. We have ideas that no other remodeling company has ever offered to their customers, as they don't have award-winning design professionals like those that we work with. When it comes to maximizing bathroom space, we are pros. You likely have more space than you knew that you had, which we can then produce more bathroom space with. A newly renovated or remodeled bathroom is sure to increase your property value, as most realtors know. When you want to be sure that you're receiving the type of bathroom that you've always imagined having, rely on our experts to provide it to you.

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    Custom Kitchens

    When you and your family are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you may notice that your kitchen isn't laid out as efficiently as you would like for it to be. This is not a problem if you know who you can depend on to make renovations. Many in Murrieta depend on our team of reliable and experienced kitchen renovation contractors because they know that they have the skills needed to produce the results that they want. We are often the preferred kitchen renovation company in Murrieta because we are skilled at what we do and deliver top-quality kitchen renovations to our customers. Regardless of the style of kitchen that you would like to receive, we are sure that we can offer you what you want, as we have the demonstrated skills needed to perform the job to your total satisfaction.

    Oftentimes, we have customers who are not sure what to do with their kitchen due to its odd shape. We can come in and help them arrange it so that they can maximize and utilize the space that they have. It's your kitchen so why not let us make it a kitchen that is beautiful and functional.

    Kitchen renovations include:

    • Custom Cabinetry
    • Kitchen Flooring
    • Tile and Backsplash
    • Appliances Selection and Installation
    • Fixtures
    • Walls and Paint
    • Lighting
    • Countertops
    • Special Features

    If you can imagine what you want, we can effectively design it!

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    Kitchen Design and Build Services

    If you love to spend time alone in your bathroom, unwinding and leaving the cares of the world outside, you're not alone. Many enjoy spending quiet time in their bathrooms. However, they also tend to enjoy it better when it is aesthetically attractive. If you would like to have some remodeling work done to your bathroom to make it more attractive, why not give us a call. Our designers will get started by consulting with you about your ideas and coming up with some ideas of their own. They base their design on your preferences, the size of your bathroom, and your budget. As experienced designers, they are skilled at helping our customers get the most out of their space, thus giving them value for their money. Even with the most modest budget, our designers and builders are very skillful at giving you all that you want, within your budget.

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    Bathroom Expansions and Conversions

    If your household is bigger than it was when you first purchased your home, perhaps you are interested in a bathroom expansion or conversion. Perhaps you were single and now you're married, and double vanity, the separate shower would work best for you. Maybe you just want to expand your bathroom so that you can enjoy more space and places to put things. No matter why you would like to expand your bathroom, we are happy to provide you with the space that you need. When it comes to designing a bathroom that suits your needs, our bathroom contractors always deliver!

    If you have a small linen closet and you need a larger one, allow us to build it for you. If you have a shower and tub combination, but would like a separate shower and tub, our contractors can also provide it to you. These are simple changes that our renovation contractors make practically every day. We would love to handle your bathroom upgrades and expansions.

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    Custom Cabinetry

    If you're interested in changing the way that your kitchen looks, you might not realize how much of an impact that your kitchen cabinets can have on its overall appearance. Allow us to show you the difference in how your kitchen could look with new custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are a great way to make any kitchen stand out. Our design experts can take any old cabinets, that are in good condition, and transform them right before your very eyes. When they present you with your custom cabinetry options, they will work with you to ensure that whatever you choose, will complement the rest of your kitchen. If you have never thought about changing your kitchen cabinets, perhaps you should. It is one of the most affordable and practical ways of improving the look of a kitchen.

    Gut and Remodel Service for Kitchens and Bathrooms

    When you hire us to remodel your kitchen, it may be necessary for us to completely gut the kitchen to accomplish what you would like. We know the first thing that you might think about is the amount of time it will take to do this and perform the remodel. However, due to our level of experience, you won't have to worry about our taking a very long time to gut and complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel after it has been gutted. Our remodeling contractors in Murrieta take a very systematic approach to remodel, which is why they are capable of quickly gutting the room and promptly remodeling it. When you rely on us for any of your remodeling needs, rest assured that you'll be able to enjoy your new room sooner than you think with the help of our experts.

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    If you want to make sure that you will receive your money's worth for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling, you can be sure that you can when you allow us to perform the job. We have a great track-record for satisfying the needs of everyone who calls on us for their service needs. Don't let the opportunity continue to pass you by without even finding out just how affordable it can be to have a kitchen or bathroom remodeled. When you contact us for a free consultation, we'll find out what your budget is for the work that you would like to have done. Once we have this clearly in mind, we can begin to source the materials that will be needed and calculate the time needed to effectively perform the work that has to be done. We assure you that we'll only offer you options that are within your budget. You won't have to worry about our pressuring you to do spend any more than you have set aside for the work that you would like to have done. When you begin to think about hiring a local Murrieta remodeling company, you should consider the following:

    • Will they patiently work through the remodeling/renovation process with you?
    • Do they effectively communicate with you and return your calls?
    • Will they work with your budget?
    • Are they adaptable?
    • Will they honor the quote that they have provided to you?
    • Are they a reputable and reliable remodeling company?

    These are just some of the things that you should consider when determining who to hire for your kitchen remodel or renovations. We offer all of these things and more.


    Very pleased with company, they are great to deal with. I am very pleased with how my kitchen turned out.

    ~ Cara G.

    Reliable service from start to finish! Excellent designers paired with highly skilled installers. They renovated our kitchen and bathroom.

    ~ Pete T.

    Had our bathroom renovated last spring and we absolutely love it. Didn't have one problem throughout the renovation. Very happy with the result.

    ~ Steven P.

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